Friday, February 18, 2011

Stuart's (almost) Demise

Many people know that I am in love with my Macbook Pro. Alright, not in LOVE, but I use it pretty much all of the time. I'm slightly embarrassed to admit to it, but I check my email probably upwards of 15-20 times a day. I also listen to my extensive music collection on iTunes multiple times per day. Sometimes I'll look back on my old pictures (mostly of London), or I'll get on the internet and read blogs, check Facebook or my bank account, etc. I do most of my homework assignments in excel and submit them online for credit. I even clock in for work online and enter grades on my laptop. Needless to say, my computer is kind of important to me.
Just in case it isn't clear how deep/pathetic my connection is to my computer, it has a name, or rather, he has a name. Stuart. When I got my laptop as a high school graduation gift, I named it as if I had given birth to a child. Let me just clarify that I rarely name inanimate objects in my life...Jose is the name of my Nikon D90. But that's it, I promise.

Stu gave me a little scare a couple of nights ago when the screen went black. This had happened multiple times before, but I was always able to recover the screen. Not this time. Bummer, dude.
Since the nearest Apple Store is in Salt Lake City, I took Stu to the Simply Mac store yesterday. To say the least, they couldn't help me out. So today I took a lovely little drive to the Gateway Mall where I dropped Stuart off for a week-long and free-of-charge vacation to the repair shop. In the meantime, I'm using Bryce's PC (PC...barf) for all of my computing needs, which is extremely generous of him.

Lessons learned from this experience:
#1 - Keep your files backed up on an external hard drive. That is how I have been able to minimize my stress.
#2 - A trip to Gateway Mall requires a stop at Anthropologie. I bought a navy skirt and awesome shirt on sale.
#3 - Being patient and happy = apple geniuses working extra speedily.
#4 - I still think Utah drivers are crazy.


Erin @ Curled Up With A Good Book said...

Hope Stu comes back as good as new!

Tanya said...

Let me add an AMEN to number one. I keep my files backed up on two external drives (I figure they are unlikely to die at the same time, and I don't count my computer's hard drive as one because I have some files that are only on the externals) as well as an online backup (in case of fire or something that physically destroys all drives).

I'm a little... obsessed.

I'll think good thoughts for Stu.

Kent said...

Hooray for on-warranty (or goodness-of-their-marketing-hearts) Apple repairs of Macbook Pro screens that go black. (Got my own repaired just a week ago).