Wednesday, March 2, 2011


So I'm in the TA office again (surprise surprise). I think that this room has sort of become what the laundry room was for me in London: my blogging location. Occasionally I'll think of clever topics to blog about, but today I'm feeling slightly "bogged down" so-to-speak. I guess you could say that I'm just feeling tired, particularly lazy, worn out, bored, etc. But bog is a pretty cool word.


So I looked up "bog" on Wikipedia, the very best possible source of information...
Did you know...
A bog is a wetland, a toilet, a joint swelling on a horse, something mediocre, automotive body filler, a village in Uzbekistan, a monster, airport in Colombia, and also an acronym for the Battle of Gettysburg??

All of a sudden the term "bogged down" seems SO MUCH more appropriate.

However, my favorite acronym:
BOG/Best on Ground - the name and/or award given to the player of the day in Australian Rules Football.

I never thought anyone would aspire to be a bog, but I guess it's pretty cool in Australia.

(and to those concerned, Stuart returned to me last week all repaired!)

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Spooley said...

Socrates thought naming could be correct or incorrect: "If we assign names as well as pictures to objects, the right assignment of them we may call truth, and the wrong assignment of them falsehood." Socrates (from Plato's Cratylus)

I'm with Socrates on this one - I think "bog" fits much better with a swamp than "best on ground". But then again, those Aussies always seem to be contrarian. (I mean, what can you expect from someone walking around upside down every day, after all ...)