Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Bryce and I played on a co-ed intramural soccer team together this semester. Tonight we had our second tournament game and lost 4-2. It was a bit of a letdown, since our team was really starting to mesh well, but it was fun just the same.

After our first game, Bryce asked me if we could go play soccer together so he could practice and learn a few things before the next game. I guess I didn't realize that my own fiance' has never actually had any formal coaching on the sport. I am by absolutely no means a soccer expert, but I did play quite a few seasons of the sport while growing up. So I taught him how to properly kick a ball, the basics of ball control, and other things like what to do on offense/defense etc.

My favorite "drill" was when we would both start at one end of the field, and then he'd start sprinting down to the other end as I would kick the soccer ball way out in front of him, and then...he'd keep sprinting...until he got the ball or reached the end of the field. I'd yell at him to hustle back, and then we'd do it again.

After about three times he realized that I was just making him run to tire him out. BUT, I will say that his speed improved after that. Self-props to my coaching abilities.

Anyway, the point is, it's been fun going out and playing soccer a couple times every week. And did I mention that Bryce scored BOTH of our goals tonight?? I was so proud :)


Abby said...

you always make Bryce run, don't you? tahahaha

Bryce Kunz said...

she does make me run... :) but its good for me :)