Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Afternoons

Although Rebecca Black may have beat me to the punch, I love and always have loved Fridays. There's something wonderful about the day. I think it's the fact that I can be completely lazy, relax, play, or whatever and not feel guilty.

I think it's also the combination of actually doing something "productive" in the mornings (school and work) and then enjoying the rest of the day that gives it that little something extra, er...yeah.


This morning I walked out of the Tanner Building on my way to work, and discovered that while I had been in class, the clouds had opened up and it had begun to sleet. I called Bryce and pathetically asked him if he could come pick me up from campus after work. I was wearing a hoodie, but an 8 minute walk home still seemed too cold, slushy, and grueling to justify.

Well, he picked me up, and then took us Costa Vida for lunch. Yummmm.
Then we watched one of our favorite movies, Wall-E.
And then we took silly pictures of ourselves on Photobooth, something we've never done, and something I haven't done in a long time. It's fun.

Let me just preface these photos. As most people who read my blog know, Bryce works at the Missionary Training Center, and so more often than not, he's wearing a white shirt and tie. AND as most people who read my blog know, I have 8 AM class every day, and I really like to sleep, so more often than not I'm wearing a hoodie and my hair is in a ponytail. Maybe this is why we've taken so few pictures together this semester...

Yeah, we think we're pretty cool.

This is my favorite, especially the bottom right one. I think he was a little surprised :)


candice said...

You guys are so cute! Way to plant one on him!! Love it.

Abby said...

ewww kissing!