Friday, February 11, 2011

Ninety-Nine Days

That's right, in 99 days Bryce and I will be getting married :) I'm not big on counting down, but I've discovered that I really can't help it. Blame it on my love for numbers, but when my mind is idle I find myself doing random math calculations in my head to reference how long that really is. It's about 14 weeks, which is the length of a typical semester (excluding finals week). It's also slightly over three months (3 months and 10 days) and also divisible by 3, 9, 11, and 33. Most importantly, it's only a double-digit which means the day is getting closer. Thank you, time, for continuing to press forward.

Michelle informed me that since I have yet to blog about the engagement, I have committed some sort of engagement-blogging sin. So I take this pleasant opportunity to recount the evening of December 16th, 2010.

It was the night before the last day of finals, and I was leaving for home the next day. Bryce had hinted that there had been some "complications" with getting the ring finished on time, and so we were both crossing our fingers that it would be finished before I left for the two week break. (he obviously knew more about it than I did...)

Anyway. Bryce got off of work, and was coming over to give me my SECOND Christmas present. (he had planned on having the ring the night before, and had told me I would be getting my Christmas present then...but the ring wasn't done so he ran to the store and bought me Rook cards and The Great Dalmuti as a substitute. We're big game fans.) He came to my apartment with a brown cardboard box in hand, which he handed over to me with a smile and a "Merry Christmas!" I opened it, and found a bunch of wooden puzzle pieces inside. He had custom ordered a puzzle with a picture of the Portland Temple. Very cute, very sentimental.

The finished puzzle.

As any puzzle-lover would do, I sat down at the table and began to piece it together, not really thinking anything of a proposal. You must understand, by this point I had been anticipating the proposal for probably too long that I stopped looking for hints that it was coming. As we got closer to finishing the puzzle, I realized that a piece was missing. I looked in the box, glanced around on the floor, and Bryce just said "it's okay, we'll find it later." Okay, I thought, might as well put in the pieces we have. Well, we finished the beautiful puzzle, but that piece was still missing. Bryce promptly got on the floor to "look for it" and just as quickly popped up with the piece in hand. On the back of it he had written "will you marry me?" He had had the piece in his pocket the whole time, along with the ring. As soon as I read the puzzle piece, I grabbed his head and began kissing his forehead. Poor guy didn't even get the chance to say what he wanted. No, but I sat back and let him propose properly. He was "conveniently" already on the floor, so he got on one knee, told me all the mushy things that no one probably wants to hear about how he loves me and all that good stuff, and then asked again if I would marry him. Direct quote, I said "okay, YES!"

Ring went on finger, and smiles got as wide as possible.

We celebrated by getting ice cream at the Creamery on Ninth, and then driving around looking at Christmas lights, while making and taking phone calls, texts, etc.

Some homes in Provo go ALL-OUT when it comes to Christmas decorating. This is just a small taste.

Despite the fact that we both had finals to take the next day, I'd say it was a pretty relaxing and enjoyable evening. You know...getting engaged is pretty fun.

We're "seriously" engaged. But seriously, we are.


Kent said...

Mom says "awwww. Cute." And now you've atoned for your betrothal blogasthenia.

candice said...

So cute, i love it. Congratulations!

Abby said...

uh! soooooooooooooooouh cute!

michelle emily said...

love the picture.

Erin said...

Congratulations to both of you. I especially like the seriously engaged picture. We do love details:)

Erin said...

Congratulations to both of you. I especially like the seriously engaged picture. We do love details:)