Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Joe's Gadgets

So today has been your typical Tuesday. I had class this morning, watched the BYU devotional, deposited a couple checks at the bank, and then Bryce came over and we did homework and other odds and ends for most of the afternoon. Well, Bryce did homework...I guess I graded papers and then just daydreamed for a couple hours, occasionally asking Bryce random questions about our future. It's alright though, because I have no homework due tomorrow (please don't ask about Thursday and Friday).

Anyway, the point is.

Last night we went and looked at an apartment, and fell in love with it. It has everything we wanted, but isn't so big that we'll fill it up with random stuff and then have to move it all after graduation next year. I'm pretty excited, and have been picturing cooking and doing laundry there for maybe 7% of today. (I think I'm going through what my sister Abby went through shortly after she got married, just prematurely. You know, feeling the extreme need to be all homemaker-y, wear an apron, clean...hmm, maybe not THAT much)
Application and contract-signing are in the works. I'll be relieved once that's all taken care of. And paid for. Sheesh, life is expensive.

Also. My mind has also been slightly occupied with wondering what sort of job I'll get here in Provo after the wedding. I'm not very worried about finding a job during the summer, since Provo clears out and a ton of positions open up. However, I would like to find something that would give me SOME sort of work experience in accounting or business. Bryce often checks the job board at the MTC just in case something good pops up. This week he called me and told me there was a "development financial specialist" position available (perfect, right?). I finally got around to tweaking my resume and typing up a cover letter for it this evening. I spent a good 15 minutes going over my document, saving it as a PDF, then looking at it again, going back to the Word document, making changes, saving it as a PDF, repeat, repeat, repeat. Of COURSE, when I finally emailed it to the guy, I accidentally attached the Word document instead of the PDF. Such is life. We'll see how it goes.

I've come to learn something about myself. When I have little errands or things to do, I can almost never completely focus on schoolwork until I've finished the other things. I promise that I sat at the kitchen table with my tax textbook open to Problem 81, Part A for at least half an hour and got nowhere. And yet, I feel like I've accomplished something good today.
Perhaps now I can reopen that textbook and figure out whether or not Joe can deduct the cost of his "gadgets" from his business income.


Abby said...

you and me, we're like the same but different.
excited to talk to you tonight. :)

Kent said...

"Joe" can try to claim the cost of the gadgets, but the 2% AGI limit makes it pointless. :-)