Saturday, January 9, 2010

London: Pilot Post

Ok, no pictures yet. In fact, this is my first post that doesn't have a picture. BUT. I'm in London, and it is great! I'm surprised at how well my body has handled the time change and jet lag. Well done, self, well done.
Aside from unpacking and sitting by a heater in the library yesterday, I took a walk with a couple other girls around the nearby area. It was pretty busy out, so we just kind of looked around and tried to blend in as much as possible. I guess it worked, because a couple of ladies stopped us and asked us for directions.
Today started out well. Michelle and I went out and got breakfast at Cafe Diana, a small little place just around the corner from the center. To sum it up - wonderful orange juice, good food, and I tried my first fried tomato. A trip to the tube station to get our oyster cards summed up our morning outing (oh, and we got stopped for directions again), and the rest of the day looks promising, despite the cold weather and snow.
Pictures to come, as long as the internet connection will allow it.


Abby said...

dude where are the pictures?

PS the tube rocks

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