Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Sunday

Two words: morning voice.
My morning voice has been horrendous over the past few days or so. I am convinced that I am not sick, but goodness gracious, I sound like a dying animal in the mornings. Until it fades away, I am trying to avoid speaking in the mornings...a difficult task when I live with 40+ other people.

But hey! Today was my first day at church in the Peckham Ward - where I'll be attending (along with Tori, Ali, and Shar) for the next few months. It's south of the Thames, about an hour of traveling each way (walking and the tube). Anyway. It was GREAT! Apparently I am now the resident pianist in the ward. I'll be playing in sacrament meeting and in primary. Oh my goodness, primary. The kids are so adorable. After primary was over, one of the girls came right up to me and said, "are you going to be here every week?" (all of this with an English accent) My heart melted. Her name is Onome. Pronounced kind of like Anna Mae. My new favorite person.
According to everyone else that I have talked to, church in the London area is fabulous all-around. The whole group is spread out into various wards in two different stakes.

In other news...
- I'm on kitchen crew this week. Not as bad as I thought it would be.
- Homework consists of reading, and lots of it. We're talking hundreds and hundreds of pages a week.
- I visited Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery on Wednesday, and saw a few of my all-time favorite paintings.
- I have eaten fish and chips a couple times - at a pub and at the center
- On Thursday, a group of us went to Piccadilly Circus (don't worry, we had tickets...joke) and wandered around for a bit and got ice cream. I made one of my first mental map connections when we wandered over to Leicester Square. I get pretty disoriented sometimes, coming up from the Tube in the middle of London.
- I attended a 2-hour faculty meeting (the joys of being the facilitator keep on rolling in)
- The group went to the Tower of London. Loved it.
- Borough Market food = yum (especially after walking around in the cold for several hours)
- Spent about 3 hours on Portabello Road yesterday, shopping and such in the pouring rain. It was just like home. I bought 3 pashminas for only 5 pounds. That's for you, Abby.
- Ordered Chicken Ladosh last night at Khan's.
- The snow is gone, and the rain is here. Thank goodness.


Abby said...

So we went to the hockey game last night (so good), and Tyler took a date with him who made the same joke as you last year. Paul said "did you paint your chest tyler?" and Tyler said "yeah", then his date was like "Yeah, I painted mine too". It was pretty funny.

PS I hope one of the pashminas IS for me.

Donna said...

Good for you. It all sounds wonderful. And "pashminas" must be something yummy to eat?

Jess Lynch said...

annie! go glad to hear that you are already having SUCH a good time! Keep the blog posts coming! Dave and I love reading them :)