Thursday, January 21, 2010

.Loving London.


have you been to london?

you haven't?

well, you should come sometime soon, because it is pretty much fabulous.

thanks, bye.

So yeah, things are still cookin with gas here in the London Center.
Some of my favorite moments from the past week:
On Monday night, Michelle and I tried our luck at getting tickets to the sold-out John Mayer show. I have no clue how this concert slipped past us between all of the various concert searches that I have done over the past month or so. Oh well. We got there, and immediately hear "boy-oh-sewl tickehts!" from these big, burly men with crazy eyes and bad facial hair. Hmm. I'm surprised I wasn't more intimidated by them - but instead I walked right up to them one at a time and discovered that we'd have to wait a pretty long time for the prices to drop down to what we wanted to pay. (they started at 120 pounds each - about 200 US Dollars - and decreased to about 70 pounds before we decided we had seen enough of the outside of the theater) However, we DID get interviewed by some lady for some website...I'm not really sure what it was...
A good time was had by all. And I think by the end, the scalpers were even a little bit intimidated by me. Don't mess.

Tuesday was buuuuusssyyyy. Kitchen duty, 4 classes, British Museum (2+ hours of navigating London for 50 minutes of museum time), kitchen duty, crash. blaaahhhhh.

Wednesday was our first big day trip. Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathdral, and the city of Bath. Wonderful, wonderful day. I think all of those long car rides from Oregon to Utah and Canada have made me truly enjoy just driving and looking out the window. I almost got disappointed when we arrived at the various destinations and had to get off of the bus.
*BONUS*: I have this sort of random habit of always sitting on the left side of cars. I'd always call the left window in high school when driving places with friends (that is, if shotgun was taken). But NOW, the left side is like, the edge of the road, so I can see everything! It's wonderful. Lot's of beautiful countryside to look at. Loved it.
Another great thing from Wednesday was getting out from the city for a bit. As much as I love love love it here in the heart of London, I've noticed myself feeling a little bit cramped. It's something about not being able to see past the tall buildings only a few hundred yards away.
I think my favorite site from Wednesday was the Roman Baths. Hot, steamy, and awesome.
I've got a few pictures from the day below.
(if you want some more details from Wednesday, check out Michelle's blog..we do pretty much everything together)
These are my wonderful roommates (minus Leslie)
at the Roman Baths with the handy audio tour guide thing.
inside the assembly room in Bath.

Favorite moment from the beautiful today?
I think this video is pretty self-explanatory.

I've watched it about 10 times already and can't stop laughing.


michelle emily said...

then Arrin runs away

Abby said...


Bath? been there.
Stonehenge? been there too.
and oh yeah, Salisbury Cathedral, been there.

And double dude, lived in London.

hehe, did you see the Magna Carta? I should show you the funny story my friend Amy made up about it. Good stuff.