Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Well, I am packed and ready to head off to the airport here in just a few minutes.
But, I don't want the first few days of this week to be overlooked, because they were great.
Monday was a class day, but after classes I went out with Les-bum to get tickets to a London Philharmonic Orchestra concert in March. We went over the Millennium Bridge and got some hot chocolate, because it was really cold out. The tube ride back was rather eventful...a lady came on and was crying...long was a mess though. Then later that night we went to Phantom of the Opera! Hands down, my favorite musical yet. So so so so so fabulous. Even from the top back corner of the balcony.
Yesterday was our day trip, since our extended weekend (Wednesday). We went to Runnymede, Windsor Castle, and Stoke Poges. It was a relatively short day (we got home around 5 PM instead of 7 or 8 PM) and Michelle, Leslie and I went to Giraffe for dinner. Came home and watched P.S. I Love You, because I'm going to DUBLIN today! wahoo.
Bad news...I woke myself up last night because I was uncontrollably shaking. After a couple of minutes of this it finally hit me...Oh, I have to throw up. Yes, my friends. Giraffe gave me food poisoning. Gross. Good news. I feel perfectly fine today! Thank goodness.
Looking forward to spending my time in Dublin with Michelle and Sarah. we go!!


Abby said...

Have fun in Dublin!!!! I hope that you found a lot of fun things today and that you make friends with some Irish people, because I thought they were freaking nice. and have a beer too. hahahaha. not. but seriously.

Donna said...

I thought you were having your typical reaction to travel (nervousness and throwing up) - glad to hear it was only food poisoning - ha ha. Have a great time!