Thursday, February 4, 2010

Funk Shui.

Leslie: Well...I'm reading your blog, so I don't want to write it.

Michelle: I say just do an outline because I do mine detailed. Isn't that how we roll?

Brittany: Annie, I adore you.

Time for a new blog post. But first, I need to decide what to post about.
I guess an overview of events since last Friday would be appropriate:

Saturday was a trip to Southall...main events:
- Michelle hit her head on the seat in front of here while trying to read a map
- Went to a Sikh Gurdwara
- Went to a Hindu Temple
- Ate Indian food at the gurdwara and at Gifto's restaurant
- Walked around Southall...bought some fabric that may one day become scarves
Me and Sarah at Gifto's

Sunday main events:
- The Primary kids did not try to kill each other! YAY!
- Fireside with Brother George Chittock - he talked about his memories of WWII in London.

Monday main event:
- Oliver! the musical with the entire group. I've been singing the songs all week...not sure if that is a good thing or not.
"FOOD, glorious FOOD! Hot sausage and MUSTARD!"
"Any mi-HILK today mi-hi-stress? Any mi-HILK?!?!"

Tuesday not-so-main events:
- Classsssssss. Four of them
- Went on an afternoon run in the rain. It was one of those times where the first and last five minutes of my run were clear, but the middle 20 minutes got me completely soaked. I loved it.
- Michelle and I went to finish one of our "London Walks" for one of our classes. It ended at a little mall of sorts, and I ended up convincing her to buy a fabulous pair of boots.
- Went with a group to Patisserie Valerie. I got something delicious that I can't remember the name of, but it was sure tasty just the same.
- Planned and planned more with Sarah and Michelle for our trip to Dublin next week!!

Wednesday day-trip:
- First stop = Kent. Attractions included the secret wartime tunnels, Dover Castle, and the White Cliffs of Dover.
- Second stop = Canterbury. This is especially significant since we have spent a good deal of time in British Literature reading and discussing the Canterbury Tales and Murder in the Cathedral. We toured the ruins at St. Augustine Abbey and then the Canterbury Cathedral.
- Watched Phantom of the Opera (I actually only watched half because I was sleepy)
- As I did last week, I think I will do a post with just pictures from the day trip.
This one is from the roof of the Castle, and you can also see the English Channel, perhaps even France on the other side.

Tooooooday's events:
- Ventured out to get tickets to Phantom of the Opera (to be seen on Monday!)
- Michelle and I took our first trip to Primark. I've heard that store described as Forever 21 on crack, and now I can say that is a pretty good description. Michelle and I got some cute/ugly (you be the judge) matching slippers, amongst a few other things. I'd say it was a successful trip.
- I've also been trying to catch up on homework, which is never an easy task.

One of my most favorite days here yet was Friday (aside from day trips, because there is really no comparison there). We had the whole day off, so a bunch of us took our time getting ready, put on skirts and dresses, and headed off to Kensington Palace to have tea and then take a tour of the Palace. To our excruciating disappointment, the tea house had been closed for two weeks, but opened the next day. If any situation called for a "bummer, dude", it was this one. I forgot to mention that in the time it took us to walk from the Center to Kensington Palace, the rain clouds had moved in and precipitation had commenced. Bummer dude.
Well, we weren't about to let a perfectly rainy afternoon go to waste, so we headed to Zizzi's Italian restaurant and ended up spending about three hours eating, talking, and mostly laughing. I got Risotto Verde, and shared a chocolate dessert with Anna.
sad faces when we found out the tea house was closed.

I know I've probably said it before, but I love the girls here. And I learn so much from them. Words of wisdom from Kira this week - if you're going to draw on the walls, be sure to write your sibling's name so that when your parent's see it, they won't think that you did it. Genius. Pure, genius.

Later on Friday night we went to a fabulous Starbucks on Regent Street to get a taste of home and do a little bit of studying. I got a vanilla soy steamer. Best one I've ever had, hands-down. Dear London, you have yet to disappoint me.


Amber Whiteley said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the buelletin point format. It made my reading much faster to get through.
so here is my comment in bulletin point format:

- are you a primary leader? If so that is awesome.

- Forever 21 on crack sounds scary/awesome.

- all of the girls you hang out with look like london fashion models, and I expect you to tell them I say so. Especially in the tea house picture.

- you can tell annie that you are both old london women because you drink tea.

- phantom of the opera?!!!??? I'm soooo jealous!!! FREAAAK OUUUT!!!

- Annnnd... I miss you. Keep having tons of fun!!!

Abby said...

your slippers are pretty ugly.

Anonymous said...