Saturday, February 20, 2010


I didn't think it was possible to top Phantom. Well...

My list of musicals that I wanted to see while coming here included the following:

- Wicked
- Les Miserables
- Phantom of the Opera
- Lion King

Notice that Hairspray is not on that list. Well, I decided to go with a group on Thursday night, since some other girls had gone already and raved about it. We got there, and ended up getting £85/$130 seats (best seats in the house) for £22.50. Thank you International Student ID Card.
"premium seats"

The show started, and I swear I was smiling, laughing, or applauding throughout the entire show. If you ever get the chance to see Hairspray, GO. You will not regret it. The characters Edna and Wilbur were the best. During "You're timeless to me" they started improving, and apparently they do a different improv bit every night. SO HILARIOUS. They couldn't even keep it together. *Sigh* So there's my plug for Hairspray. Pure, joyous entertainment.
Arrin and I before the show


Abby said...

Hey little girl with the cash to burn, I want to see hairspray.

Paul and I are going to see Phantom in New York, w00t

Donna said...

Wow! Those were awesome seats. At this rate, you might run out of things to do and see before you run out of time (and money).