Monday, February 22, 2010

Come on Spring!

As much as I love the rain and cloudy days here in London, I am starting to ache for sunshine. Last Saturday we got a taste of [hopefully] what is yet to come. SUNSHINE.
Michelle and I revisited Cafe Diana with Kira and Brittany for brunch. The first time we went was the very first day we got here. Happy to say that it was just as good as I remembered.


Then we headed off for a nice long walk. We walked through the ever-beautiful Hyde Park, over to Buckingham Palace, wandered a bit through some nearby streets to complete one of our London Walks (class assignment), and finished with a nice cup of hot chocolate in St. James Park...I spilled on myself. Of course.
I loved how the sun was out, and it was "warm" enough for me to go out without my black coat, which I wear pretty much every day.
We continued on to the tube station, and saw some people taking a picture with a phone booth and Big Ben in the background. We felt really silly doing it, but we stopped and posed too.


That night about 18 of us went to Zizzi for some great Italian food, and to celebrate Sarah's 20th birthday. Perfect ending to a sunny day.

Today it sleeted. Cooooommmmeee on SPRING!


Paul said...

this is exactly how I feel.

stupid snow.


Donna said...

One question. I thought the study abroad fee included meals???? Seems like you are always eating out. We've had a spring teaser here as well but it's about to end. You are adorable.

Jess Lynch said...

annie, I gotta say that I love that picture of you with Big Ben and the phone booth. You are so cute! Miss you!