Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cha Cha Cha Changes.

Just graded 55 essays and have another stack about the same size to finish by tomorrow. That certainly calls for blogging!

I think I haven't really been blogging much because life is great, but not incredibly eventful. Like seriously, sometimes the most exciting part of my day is coming home from school and seeing a package by our door. Regardless, here's what's going on with the Kunzes (Kunzs? Kunzz? Kunz'? Kunz's? ...this name is hard)

Graduation is in 16 days. Awesome.
We're moving in 24 days. Also awesome, because we're going to Oregon.
I signed up for a half marathon in June with Jess. Add to the awesome list. It will be my first race in over a YEAR AND A HALF! Can you believe? Me either.
Bryce and I are on the job hunt. Not so awesome, but between the time I graduate and actually get a job I'm sure there will be plenty of time to catch up on books and movies and playing outside and all sorts of good stuff. So I guess temporary unemployment is awesome? Moving on...

A couple of weeks ago I had my orchestra concert. Background: I'm a music minor and we are required to take 4 credits of a large performance ensemble. I needed 2 more credits going into this semester, so I signed up for University Chorale (concert next Wednesday) and University Orchestra - percussion section. Neither require auditions, and both only have one performance, so it's basically show up and get an "A". Michelle signed up for percussion with me, since she is also a music minor. The first day was extremely stressful, since our music was in German and I definitely cannot read German (except "Wo ist mein auto?") AND I'm just plain inexperienced on what sort of mallets should be used for a bass drum and the proper technique in striking such instruments.
After the first day, Michelle and I were basically professionals. We played the following pieces at our concert:

Carmen Suite No. 1 (Me on the tambourine and bass drum)
Symphonie Fantastique: March to the Scaffold (bass drum and cymbal)
Finlandia (bass drum again, duh)

Basically that bass drum and I were best friends. The tambourine on the other hand...is a sensitive little thing.

Michelle dominated the cymbals, triangle, and snare drum throughout the semester. Can you tell I picked the instruments I thought would be easiest?

This last weekend was General Conference. Always a treat. For the Saturday morning session Bryce and I had Taylor, Ed, Sarah, and Daniel over for cinnamon french toast breakfast. Sunday morning session we got to actually attend! This was probably my last time attending conference at the conference center for many many years. Bryce, Taylor, Ed, Linsday and I attended together. It was quite the experience getting to the conference center because it was rainy and windy and then we had to wait outside for a little while. I give thanks to the rain for giving me a lovely hair-do the rest of the day.

My favorite talk from conference was probably this one. Elder Holland always has wonderful things to say. My favorite song was Come Thou Fount.

All in all, life is good. It doesn't seem like we're about to graduate or move, but we are. I guess that is a good thing though, because neither of us are really nervous about moving or the big changes ahead. It's about time, and while we very well may miss things about Provo, I think we'll be having too much fun in Oregon to even notice!

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michelle emily said...

I love this post for a few reasons: 1. Our pictures are GREAT! We are the funniest people I know. 2. You are funny (refer to #1).
3. You are moving to Oregon.
4. I like you.
Boom, Crash, Crash.