Friday, February 24, 2012

Presidents Day Weekend

For Presidents Day weekend, Bryce and I drove down to sunny San Diego. A few weeks back I made the connection that my good friend from my study abroad program, Brittany, was getting married and that it was also going to be a long weekend. The brown color that is everything in Utah encouraged me (and Bryce) to make the trip. We drove with Mary and Laura, also from my study abroad program in London.

I didn't do any homework or work over the weekend, and it was great.
Instead, we went to Lake Miramar Friday and Saturday morning. There is a 5 mile trail around the lake, and so we would run around the lake, and then walk down to the water and watch the ducks for a little while.

On Friday afternoon Bryce and I went out to lunch to Pat and Oscar's, the home of his most favorite breadsticks (IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!). I got the San Diego sandwich (naturally) and it was quite delightful, as were the breadsticks. I would highly recommend this place to anyone and everyone.

We went to the park with Adrianna (Bryce's 6-year-old sister) and watched her play in the sand. I enjoyed watching about 5 or so little boys play zombies and all other sorts of "good-guy, bad-guy" things. Seriously, little kids are so creative. We tried flying a kite, but it wasn't windy enough. Adrianna got a bike for Christmas, and so she took me on a little tour around the neighborhood.

Saturday night was the wedding reception in Temecula (about an hour up the freeway from San Diego) and it was positively fabulous. We met up with Mary and Laura, ate food, danced, and congratulated the happy couple.

Sunday was spent holding a cute baby girl for 2 hours at church, eating, puzzle doing, piano playing, and finally packing.

The drive back to Provo wasn't so bad, but the warm weather sure was hard to leave behind. Bryce is getting away again this weekend, only this time to Kentucky! It will be our first time away from each other for an "extended" period since being married. Cry for me. Or come hang out with me.

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