Thursday, February 9, 2012

Law School Update

As most everyone knows, Bryce is going to law school next fall. (yay!)
It's been over 3 full months since we sent in most of his applications, and we're FINALLY starting to get some definite answers from schools. The schools that he has been accepted to so far are:

Michigan State (East Lansing, Michigan)
Lewis and Clark College (Portland, Oregon)
University of Kentucky (Lexington, Kentucky)

We're trying not to make any definite decisions yet, although it's very difficult. But every school just throws another big wrench in the decision-making process. He's only been rejected by one school (Colorado...yeah we weren't that bummed) and waitlisted at one (Oklahoma...we rejected THEM, ha!). There are 5 more schools we're waiting to hear back from.

Speaking of school, there are only 11 more weeks until graduation! And I'm not going to any sort of graduate school so that means I'm DONE. Like DONE done. Exciting, isn't it?


Unknown said...

Law student, eh? Started thinking about that future job yet? May I make a suggestion? Check out JD Match in between the papers and exams. I work with JD Match and it’s a great step for any law student looking for an AmLaw firm job and a little weight off their shoulders.

Jessica Spackman said...

First off, PICK OREGON! Not only because you love it here, but because you love me. lol. No but do pick the best choice for your boo.

Second, what the heck is with that other comment? Spam much?! ;)