Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jewish to odor sunteen?

Title reference: http://art-bin.com/art/aroomservice.html

These polar bears were at Sea World when we visited over Christmas. Quite the life, don't you think? Minus the kids who bang on the glass...

Anyway, it's been a while. I think I say that about 57% of the time I blog. Nothing terribly new here, except the fact that we're about a month into a new semester (my LAST semester, mind you) and it's been pretty easy. Favorite classes are probably university orchestra (percussion section bay-bee) and spinning. Notice, my favorite classes are not business law, money banking and economics, or strategy. Go figure.

Let's see, now for some embarrassing moments.

I'm a TA again this semester. Yesterday in class the professor was using the white projector screen for a minute, and when he was finished asked me to turn the lights back up and raise the screen so he could use the chalkboard. Lights, check. Raising the projector screen? Not check. There were about 40 different buttons to choose from, so I stood there for probably 2 seconds (which seemed like 15793 seconds) and picked a button. After trying it once with no effect, I tried it a second and third time because I felt like it, gosh darn it. Then looked helplessly out at the class of 140 students as my face turned red because I was turning into that really book smart girl who has absolutely no common sense whatsoever (I'm sure you've met at LEAST 3 of those in your life). Some more fidgeting next to the screen, and finally I spotted the right buttons waaaaaaay down below all of the other ones. Success. Except then I had to go back to the other button I had originally pushed and bring the chalkboard back down. Smooooooooooth.

And then today I was walking back from campus after 2 sweaty hours of jogging and then spinning, when I realized I forgot to grab my keys on the way out the door this morning. Another stellar moment in my book. You see, Bryce drops me off on campus in the mornings before driving to work, and so I don't actually use my keys until I come back home on my own. So I gave him a call, and apologetically asked him to drive back home to unlock the door for me. It takes him about 20 minutes or so to drive from work to our apartment, so I sat outside in the cold while I waited for him. Sweaty Annie + around freezing temperatures = Cold and grumpy Annie. The post man even walked by while I was waiting and said "that looks like a pretty cold seat!" No, really? Is that why my rear end is going numb? Thanks, Mr. Postman. After a hot shower, sweat pants, and oatmeal, I warmed back up.

I swear my hair is still dark brown, despite these moments suggesting otherwise.

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