Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Weekend of Firsts

Don't judge me by the fact that I only did one day of that challenge. I realized that maybe I am just busier than I thought I was.
However, I MUST blog about this past weekend, because it was great.

Friday afternoon kicked off my birthday weekend. Bryce and I started things off right by getting J-Dawgs for dinner, and stopping by the duck pond on campus where we spent part of our FIRST date. We both realized how fun it can be to create dialogue for different animals. Yes, we know we're ridiculous.

On Saturday, I hiked to the summit of Mt. Timpanogos for the FRIST time with Bryce, Taylor, Ed, and Sarah. It was a pretty hefty hike, taking us about 11 hours, but it was totally worth it. Bryce and I wanted to hike it last summer, but marathon training always took priority. Follow the pictures all the way to the top!








That night, Bryce and I grabbed Costa Vida for dinner (mango chicken salad...best thing ever) and then Michelle brought a birthday cake over. Taylor, Ed, Michelle, Bryce, and I celebrated my birthday a few hours early with a nice round of The Great Dalmuti. Taylor and Ed were nice enough to even bring me a very specially wrapped birthday gift:


The contents? Truffles, Dove chocolate, and a 5-lb. bag of gummy worms. I'm set at LEAST until next Halloween.

On my official twenty-FIRST birthday, Bryce and I went to church despite our massive sun burns and sleepy selves (we looked ridiculous, I can promise you). We then headed up to Bern, Idaho with Bryce's grandparents. They own some land and a cabin up there, and we've been meaning to go up all summer. We visited some extended family that lives up there, and then celebrated my birthday with even more birthday cake, candles, and ice cream.

Monday was truly a day of firsts. It started out with Grandpa Kunz teaching me how to drive a tractor for the FIRST time...turns out the tutorial came after the tractor started moving. It was fun driving them around though.


Then, it was time for me to learn how to shoot a gun. Another FIRST for me. I wasn't terribly keen on the idea at first, but it grew on me, I guess. I didn't do so bad with the 22, but the 45-70 was a little to heavy/powerful for me...I needed Bryce's grandpa to hold the barrel for me so I could actually aim (embarrassing...haha)

small gun...

big gun...


We mostly shot at juice cans...but here's some damage Bryce did to this wood.

The bullet went in...

...and out.

By the end of the morning, Bryce's grandma said I had been fully turned into a farm girl. I hope that's not a bad thing.

They also have a grove of sorts where everyone carves their initials into a tree. Bryce and I are special enough to be in the "married" section. We went with the classic heart around the initials. I thought it was cute.



That's a view of the cabin. You can also see some of Bern down between the hills.
On our way back to Provo, we stopped in at Utah State, had some Aggie Ice Cream (another first for me). It sure was tasty :)

Once we got back to Provo, nothing could finish of the weekend better with watching a little bit of Pride and Prejudice (the A&E version, of course).

Happy Birthday to me!


Abby said...

pretty pictures of timp!

too bad you didn't do that challenge thing because I was thinking that I would make comments on all of them like I did when you were in London. OOOhh well. :)

Mom said...

I just looked at all your pictures again. Quite the memorable birthday. I especially noticed the cool paper clips closing your nicely wrapped gift from Taylor and Ed. I hope you saved them.