Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 01: Something you're looking forward to this year.

There are many things I'm looking forward to this year, such as birthdays or Christmas or not working full time, but I think most of all I'm looking forward to this Fall. (unintentional rhyming)
"Fall" is all-inclusive.
First of all, Fall, er...Autumn is my most favorite season. I love the weather, the change of colors on the trees (or mountains, when you're in Utah), and getting to wear scarves and sweaters again.
Second, this is the first semester of my last year as an undergrad student at BYU. I'm actually kind of excited to get back to the studies (don't quote me on this when my first round of midterms comes around). The end is in sight, and that gives me great hope.
Third, I'm excited for the sports. Mainly football, but I'm also excited to play intramural soccer again. Bryce and I have big plans for every Saturday until...well, until the National Championship. Bryce has been practicing his grilling skills, and ESPN is calling our names. Thank you, BYU, for going independent so we no longer have to suffer listening to the commentators on The Mountain.
The first official day of Fall is September 23rd. I might just make it into a little holiday of it's own.

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Jess Lynch said...

You COULD make the first day of fall it's own celebration... maybe celebrate it with a wedding of your two favorite people perhaps?! ;)