Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Missing Limb


It's been a while.
Life's good, thanks for asking.
I'm still alive, still healthy, still married, still happy.

And I'm not really sure what to blog about. Here goes nothing, which will probably turn into a ramble about the little things I find amusing in my life with Bryce.

I've been working at Independent Study full time this summer. I have my own cubicle back with all the "old" full-time employees. Not sure how I got that oh-so-prime position, but I sit at a computer all day. At first it was rough working 40 hours a week, but now I'm used to it and I kind of like it. I think my "superiors" like the work I'm doing too because I've been referred to as "a MACHINE!" and even got FULL ADMINISTRATIVE RIGHTS this week (whatever THAT means...) One employee sent me an email that read:

Dear Annie,

Please slow down. You're making us look bad.


The Rest of Us

What can I say? I've always been one for efficiency, and Bryce always teases me about the speed at which I use my computer.
So...that's work.

I've also been taking a class on The Pearl of Great Price this term. Tonight was actually our last class, since finals are next week. It's been probably in my top 2 if not my most favorite religion class at BYU. I've learned many, many, many things, and always get to come home from class and tell Bryce everything we talked about that day. I took it from Byron Merrill, if anyone is interested. My Fall Semester books, if bought new, are going to cost $946 dollars...classes start in just under 4 weeks.
And, that's school.

And life besides work and school is fabulous. Bryce and I are attempting to make big-boy and big-girl decisions even though we tell each other nearly every day that we're not mature enough for that kind of stuff.
Despite our resistance, Bryce has been full-throttle in an LSAT prep course, and we've been researching law schools all over the country. Since many of the schools that we're looking at could be considered "southern" states, we've been practicing our best southern accents. A few more "now look right that there, honey bunches" and I'll pass for a native.
I finally made Kunz my legal last name.
Yesterday it was really hot outside, and our air conditioning was failing, so we opened our doors (screens closed). After a couple hours we were getting ready for bed and realized that dozens (we're talking 50+) bugs had weaseled their way into our bedroom and were all over our bed, ceiling, etc. I killed 3. Bryce killed the rest. It took about an hour. We didn't get a ton of sleep last night.
(funny thing is that our doors also leak when it rains heavily...thinking we might need them looked at)
Bryce applied to be in the church's New Testament video. They were looking for people who are unusually skinny or missing limbs to be extras in their healing scenes. We figured missing a right hand qualifies. We're hoping he gets in and can get a BYU beard card ;)
Well, that's about it. I'm thinking maybe I'll do one of those blog challenges that makes you blog every day about something small. That way I'll feel like I have a purpose without boring ...uh...whoever...with weird "bugs in my bedroom" stories.

This wedding picture makes me laugh...that's all.


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Thank you. I've been missing your blogs.