Monday, May 2, 2011

Preparing for the big day

The Saturday after finals ended, Bryce and I made the big drive up to Oregon. He went back to Provo on Wednesday, but I'll be here hanging out until the wedding. While Bryce was here, we got our marriage license, picked our cake flavors and design, Bryce got measured for his tux, and I went through the Portland LDS Temple for the first time, which was a great experience. We did some other fun things as well, such as getting the famous Burgerville shakes, kicking it at Bridgeport Village after catching a movie, and spending Easter Sunday with my parents, David and Jess. Somewhere in the history of the Spackman family, it became quasi-tradition to play the game Guestures to initiate future in-laws. So we played that hilarious game, along with The Great Dalmuti (a classic). Jess and I took last and next-to-last place in The Great Dalmuti, but absolutely dominated at Guestures.

Then I dropped Bryce off at the airport on Wednesday, boo hiss. Since then, I've had a consultation with our florist, my hair stylist, and worked on a few other odds and ends to get prepared for the wedding.

All-in-all though, I'm getting a little bored. Everything is under control and mostly finished for the wedding day, so I'm not stressed about it at all. Along with that, I'm not working anymore, I'm not taking classes, and my friends and fiance are all still in Provo. Suh-weet.

Our cake consultant lady (what do you call that job?) and my hair stylist today both said how relaxed I seemed about the whole thing. My hair stylist even said "you're so nice!" I had to laugh at that...since I'm a bride, does that automatically mean I'm supposed to be panicked and rude to everyone I'm asking to help me with the wedding?? Well apparently, I guess there's something I can work on over the next few weeks.

Poor Bryce is working his tail off in Provo taking all the extra shifts he can at the MTC and moving into our apartment for us. He called me today to say that he went to the apartment to get our keys and looked around a bit. I'll admit that I'm pretty jealous. I hate moving, but I wish I could be there tomorrow when he moves all our stuff in. Soon enough.

A lot of people are also asking me if I'm getting nervous. Again, the answer is "uhhh, no". I think I might get a little jittery come wedding day, but not yet. You see, I LOVE Bryce. We're best friends, and I'm really looking forward to being married to him. I'm more comfortable and happy with him than anyone else, so why would it make me nervous to be with him forever?

The only time I was nervous about the marriage idea was the first time Bryce insinuated that he wanted to marry me. Oh dear, I had a full-out panic attack...but I'm past that now :)

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Chelsey Hancock said...

Burgerville is THE BEST!