Friday, May 6, 2011

Favors and Flowers

This week my mom and I went to Al's Garden Center. (I have this bias towards anything named after/for "Al" ever since my long addiction to Gilmore Girls...Al's Pancake World, anyone?)
Yes, well, we went to Al's Garden Center and bought 192 little baby impatients and two pretty pots of hydrangeas. Then, over the next two days we planted all of those flowers and covered pretty much the entire front and back yard. Luckily, one of the days was sunny and 70 degrees outside (the other was cloudy, cool, and a little bit drizzly).
The flowers are quite small right now, but they should keep growing and flowering for nearly six months. I look forward to coming here for David's wedding in September and seeing how big they've grown!

I've also been working diligently on the favors for the Tualatin wedding reception. We ordered and the boxes for them way back in December, and finally this last week decided to put sugar-coated almonds in them. Then tie them with a ribbon and attach an itty bitty tag (mounted on cardstock) with itty bitty twiney/wiry material. Cute, right? Sure, but time consuming. I guess now is the time to be grateful for not having too much on my uh...agenda.

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