Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I've been dating my boyfriend Bryce for about 4 months now, but have failed to record any of our dating experiences or stories anywhere as of yet. (Part of this is coming from a very direct lesson learned in my Doctrine and Covenants class yesterday about the importance of keeping a personal history or journal...relevant? sure, why not)

Rather than start from day one and proceed from there, I'll just say that once we met, we realized that we got along pretty well, so we spent some more time with one another, and within probably a week you could say we were "together".

Anywho, the summer was nice because both of us were just working, not taking any classes. We spent a lot of time together, and sometimes Bryce would even bring me Subway and cookies while I was at work. I looooooove cookies.
During the summer, I was training for the Ragnar Relay Northwest Passage, and then the Top of Utah Marathon. We started dating a few weeks before I went home for the Relay, and being the great boyfriend that he is, Bryce decided to come running with me on multiple occasions. The first run we went on together was 8 miles. I just had to test him to see if he really liked me as much as it seemed. The first week or so of running with me was a little rough on him, but after some time, Bryce was determined to train for and run the marathon with me. I didn't oppose the idea, but I promise that I did not pressure him at all into that decision. Well, a couple months later (September 18) we finished the marathon, holding hands. It was one of the funnest things I have ever done, seriously. In fact, we were singing "I Believe I Can Fly" at about mile 7.


In August, I went down to San Diego to visit some friends from London. Conveniently, Bryce's family lives in San Diego so we drove down together and I stayed with them for a couple of days. They took us to Sea World one day that I was there. Fun fun fun.


Now we're both busy taking classes at BYU (and Bryce works at the MTC), but we still manage to spend a great deal of time together. Some of our favorite activities include watching football (this is all-inclusive, meaning I go to his intramural games, we go to BYU home games, and we watch college football at home), playing Scrabble, Blokus, or Rook, spending way too much time in Target, Costco, Fye, Macey's, etc. buying movies or 10-pack boxes of Oreo's for $4.97. We do lots of other things, those just seem to be the most common.



Last Friday afternoon we decided to take a drive through the canyon to see what was left of the Fall colors. There were still some very pretty spots, and we enjoyed singing along to random songs on the radio. Before we knew it, we were in good ol' Heber, UT.

DSC06555 2
Heber Main Street...always hoppin

After exploring main street a little (meaning driving for 5 minutes) we turned around in a Smith's grocery store parking lot. They had some nice looking pumpkins, so we bought 2, along with a bag of candy corn, and carved the pumpkins later that night. Neither of us are very skilled in the art of pumpkin-carving, but it was fun just the same.


Happy Halloween!


Amber Whiteley said...

Jeff and I have money on when bryce is going to propose. not If, but WHEN. and Your pictures just confirmed that I'm going to win the bet.

Abby said...

I like the list of things you do most often. and Blokus rocks!

amanda and clay said...

I loved reading this post! You and Bryce seem like a really great match :] I'm so happy for you two. And I think your pumpkins looks great!

Donna said...

My advice: Stop buying the 10-pack boxes of oreo cookies! And P.S. you're adorable.

Kent said...

Great post! I particularly like this quote:

"I promise that I did not pressure him at all into that decision".

Ah the naivete of youth!
Me, I would have felt the pressure. ("My girlfriend is training for a marathon, but I'm not really into that sort of thing." Uh huh. Sure.)

Tori Dumke said...

Oh my heavens A-Spack you are just too precious. I love this post. And I love you! Let's see each other soon please. Remember lunch?!