Saturday, May 1, 2010

How's it gonna feel when London ends? Out of money, out of friends.

Those are lyrics from a song by Cold War Kids, except I changed the word "summer" for "London". I figured it sums things up pretty well.

So, the last few days in London were spent enjoying the beautiful weather, and spending time with all of my favorite people. It was really very nice.

It's already been too long for me to remember all of the different things that we did, but I can certainly remember a few:
- Playing soccer in Hyde Park
- Staying up until 5 a.m. talking with Kira and CJ
- Buying 3 CD's at a the music exchange store on Bayswater
- Eating Nando's Nando's Nando's
- Watching movies galore
- Walking with some of my favorite girls down Oxford Street
- Seeing "Mamma Mia!"
- Doing the paddle boats on the Serpentine in Hyde Park
- Making more animal friends (i.e. swans and squirrels)
- Eating pints of Ben and Jerry's
- Learning from Dr. Susan Howe how to be a poet
- Dancing in the laundry room to JT
- Overdosing on Diet Coke
- Packing :(
- Saying goodbye to friends and London, and shedding a few tears

Pictures from the last week:

Leicester Gardens


Gotta love my home

paddle-boating in Hyde Park


Seeing planes flying out was a little surreal...I left the next morning

Well, I added it up, and the time I left the London Centre to the time I walked into my Aunt Karen's house in Lehi, UT was about 47 hours. Means of transportation included the following:
- Tube from Queensway to Bond Street, then Bond Street to Victoria
- Gatwick Express from Victoria to LGW
- Airplane from London to Fiumicino (nope, I didn't see a wink of Rome. And yes, I'm still bitter)
- Overground train in the airport
- Sketch Taxi to hotel near the airport
- Not-so-sketch shuttle back to the airport
- Plane from Fiumicino to Washington D.C.
- Plane from D.C. to Denver
- Plane from Denver to SLC
- Car from SLC to Lehi

I. Crashed. SO HARD.

So yeah, I've been back in the good ol' U.S. of A. for a little over a week now, and I think I have readjusted pretty well. I forced myself to get over jet lag as soon as possible, and it worked alright, except I think I'm still catching up on lost sleep from the past four months. I sleep a lot.

So I guess life is back to "normal" now. I'm back in Provo, with a new apartment, new roommates, new classes...same work. Just call me the copy queen. Being back has it's perks, though. I've been able to see so many people that I missed and catch up with all of them. There are still a few that I have yet to see. Between seeing family, friends, and former roommates, I guess you could say I've been busy...but honestly, sometimes I don't know what to do with myself. What on earth DID I DO before London?!!? I'll figure it out.

Best of all, I have my Nikon back in my possession. I used this blog solely for my photos before London, but now I have a little bit of a blogging obsession. We'll see what happens with it from this point forward.

Well, I guess I should put some sort of finishing BAM to my London experience. I may be one to be cheesy at times, but I'm not very good at being sentimental. I guess I can just say that London was the most fun I've had my entire life, and I can't help but smile every time I look back at pictures and memories. Even more importantly, I learned so much - about myself and everything else. Best decision of my life thus far. Well done, self.

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Donna said...

It sounds like your study abroad experience was worth every penny (and more). Hope life now is not too dull in comparison. Provo is much more exciting now that you are back. Make it fun!