Saturday, March 13, 2010


Sorry Dad, "woosh" does not refer to "swoosh" (i.e. basketball). Just that I can't believe another week is gone. This week was full of birthdays, shows, and lots and lots of homework. But hey, I'd rather be doing homework in London than in Provo.

Birthdays this week included:
Michelle's 20th
Kalyn's 19th
the beginning of the 20 days of Brittany Carpenter (it's like the 12 days of Christmas, only not. comprenda?)

Shows this week included:
Monday - War Horse
Tuesday - 39 Steps
Friday - London Philharmonic Orchestra

I also took two midterms today.

Other significant events:
- 10-mile hike/nature walk on Tuesday with the Chittock brothers. (sang old girl's camp songs, chased sheep, pet a horse)
- Met a new friend, Budge, and created a new catch-phrase: "I'm gonna pull a Budge in the library."
- Day trip to Stourhead, Jane Austen's house, and Winchester
- Last day of kitchen crew, EVER
- New underwear...sorry, TMI
- Bottomless soda at Nando's
- Weather in the 50s

...more to come, since we leave for Paris on Monday.

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Abby said...

every time I leave on a comment on hear I am reminded that I have a secret to tell you. but then I always forget to tell you. ooops.