Thursday, March 25, 2010

Back in the laundry room.

Got to love the laundry room. I swear it's one of 2 maybe 3 places in the center that I can actually focus. Well, "focus" might not be completely accurate. Sometimes I feel like a 2-year-old watching the clothes in the dryer go round and round and round and round and...yeah.

So right now I'm not totally feeling like writing a summary of the past weeks events, so I think another list will suffice.

- Back in London
- Borough Market (sausage, rocket, and bell pepper sandwich; carrot, orange, and lemon juice; and lemon poppyseed loaf) I love Borough Market. Pretty sure we're going back again tomorrow. I have yet to try the ostrich burgers and I hear that they're pretty fabulous.
- Tate Modern museum. I've given my opinion about modern art already...I enjoyed most of it, although there were a few things that were just a little too much for me.
- Wuthering Heights (the movie)

- First half of the theater walk with Michelle. Along the way we stopped at Somerset House and the National Portrait Gallery. Check and check for my "still need to see" list.

Good morning, London!

Do YOU know the muffin man?

- Covent Garden during the daytime. Two words: BAD street performers...ok 3 words.

That was the coolest thing they did for the whole 10 minutes Michelle and I watched.

- Pit stop at Starbucks to revive our legs and read a bit
- British Library
- Tesco run - dear Tesco, you never fail to make me happy

- Gave a talk in church and realized that no matter how hard I try, I always sound monotone when speaking in front of people. I'll have to keep working on that one.
- Nap.
- CES fireside
- mmmm, homework

- Class day
- Group trip to Wigmore Hall for an afternoon concert. Violin and Piano. Bartok and Beethoven
- Finished the theater walk and did a little bit of shopping. Came home empty handed.
- Interviews at Hyde Park chapel's FHE and had Frog frozen yogurt. The shop is called Frog, the yogurt was plain, with pomegranate seeds. YUM.

- Lazy day; i.e. lots of homework, piano time, nap, etc.
- Saw Lion King! Check. Except the box office was messing up people's tickets and the lady took our tickets away, so now I have no souvenir to prove that I saw it. Oh well. I loved that dancing in this production - it's one of those things that made it unique from the other shows that I've already seen.

- Morning run with Christina - fabulous.
- Last day trip, except that next week is essentially a week-long day trip. We're going to tour around the northern part of England from Monday-Friday. Everyone is REALLY looking forward to being on the coach together.
- First stop: St. Alban Cathedral and Verulamium museum (say it 10 times fast). My favorite thing from the museum was that they had key-rings. But literally it was a ring that was also a basically when you need to unlock whatever it is you need to unlock, the key is right there on your finger. Very clever, Romans, very clever indeed.



- Second stop: Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial for WWII. This was the first time I had seen an American flag in a while, and it was a very pretty sight. The grounds were beautiful, and it's one of those things that you can't help but be affected by when looking around at all of the names and headstones. There were almost 4,000 buried, and another 5,000+ names on a wall of missing persons.



- Third stop: Cambridge University. I think the events at Cambridge require their own bullet points.
- King's College Chapel. Beautiful, as expected

Karalyn, Me, Michelle

- Punting on the Cam River. Our guide was nice to look were the bridges and college grounds

The "Sigh Bridge" - modeled after the one in Venice


- Exploring in and out of the cute shops - mostly chocolate shops. Jenny and I split 2 pieces of fudge from Fudge Kitchen. It was so good.


Antiques Shop


- Fitzwilliam Museum. We got there right near closing, so we had to do a quick sweep around the art that we came to see. Although, since we were there right before closing, the museum was SILENT. I don't think I've been somewhere that quiet for a looooong time. We also got to walk up a itty bitty spiral staircase to get to some art that was kind of a balcony around the whole room. Not sure if that's a very good description, but it was kind of cool.
- Got asked for money twice...that's always a little awkward, since I want to be a good christian and help people out...but at the same time MOST, if not all, are just out to make a pretty pound. In fact, we saw one guy wandering around who had asked us for bus fare a couple of hours earlier. He didn't appear to be looking for a bus.
- Got home and studied

- Oh goodness, that was today.
- 5-class day, wahoo.
- Civ class took a walk through Hyde Park to the Albert memorial...we all wore little headsets so we could listen to Dr. Macfarlane as we walked. As silly as we looked, I think it was a very effective class period. And the daffodils are beginning to POP!
- After British Lit, the class went to the Tate Britain to check out a couple of paintings. I forgot to change my shoes, and one of my feet was completely soaked by the time I got to Queensway station. Can you say "squish"?
- Went on a run with Christina. My legs are a'gonna be sore tomorrow.
- Oh hey, and now I'm doing laundry.

Yes well, life is still great here in London. Everyone is starting to get a little sad at the fact that our days left here are slowly declining. Today I realized that I love having dinner in the servery with 10 or so people at a table. It gets crazy sometimes, especially when you're at the end of the table and no one passes the salad dressing, but it's fun to just be around so many awesome people all of the time. Yeah, I guess that's my sentimental blurp for tonight.

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