Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tis the Season

Ever since I saw a house here in Provo that had Christmas lights already up, I have been thinking that refusing to let Bryce put up our 2 colored strands of lights on our balconies until just before Thanksgiving (even that took generosity) is just simply UNFAIR! On the other hand, we must give Thanksgiving the time and celebration it deserves, musn't we? Yes, we must! Those poor 2 packages of 60-bulb colored LED lights will just have to wait.

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Mom said...

Yeah!! Some new blog posts. I'm surprised that Bryce does not want to wait until after his birthday (and Thanksgiving) to start celebrating the Christmas season. But I'm in the mood and just ordered 12 awesome ornaments from Pottery Barn (only two kinds - 6 of each). If you're lucky, maybe you can help hang them on the tree.