Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bryce is famous!

Okay, so Bryce will probably roll his eyes and be slightly embarrassed at this post, but I just had to tell everyone that my awesome fiancee got written about in the paper! This week he presented to a bunch of CEO's and three mayors about the PR class project that he's been working on with a group for the Lehi Area Chamber of Commerce. He even, EVEN got asked for an interview with the Daily Universe. I've been telling him all day long,
"Bryce, you're famous!"
"Bryce, you're going places with life..."
"Bryce, you're practically a celebrity"
"Bryce, I see big success for your future"
etc. etc. etc.

Part of this is sarcasm, because it was only in the Daily Herald, but I really am proud of him for doing such a good job. He has spent many many hours on this project. Check, check, check it out:

Lehi Area Chamber revamps its brand

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Abby said...

haha I saw that on his facebook! he's going to be oh so famous now.