Saturday, April 3, 2010

Goodness. Since my last post I have done more things than...well...more things than I can count, OK?

Here are some "off the beaten track" highlights for me. I'm leaving a lot of stuff out, though.

Last we're talking March 27th, Michelle, Brittany, Kira and I went on the London Eye and did a bunch of other things that day, including going to a chocolate fair, climbing The Monument, crossing Abbey Road, and eating at Tortilla. BUT. With our London Eye tickets came FREE ADMISSION to the (DUN DUN DUN!!) FOUUURRRRRR-D EXPERIENCE! Honestly, I think that they just really want people to come to the 4-D Experience, so they make a special effort to tell you that it's free. Well, we decided that we had to do it.

Best decision of my life, because it was the best four minutes of my life.
Get this: awesome 4-D glasses/goggles, really loud thematic music, animated seagull, cute girl and her dad, real live bubbles, sneezing dragon with water coming out its nose, and screaming audience members.

I just might have to go back and experience it again.

I was so close to stealing those.

This was pretty cool

That afternoon, I sat down in the dining room for hours and hours, working on homework, and helping Michelle plan her life. It was so fun. I love planning schedules, and now that I'm pretty much completely done with all of my general education requirements and everything, planning my schedule just isn't as fun anymore.

Another favorite moment from the last week was last Sunday. After church, Tori and I walked down Bayswater Road where, on Sundays, vendors come and set up their art against the fence of Hyde Park. We walked down and looked at all of the paintings and everything, and then turned into the park and walked back. It was beautiful out, and the daffodils looked great.

On Monday we all hopped on the coach for the North Trip. Ok, ok. I'm not a big fan of riding the coach. However, there is something really, really nice about sticking in my headphones and staring out the window for hours on end. I remember riding the coach a ton when I went to Spain in 8th grade, and just staring at the acres and acres of olive trees. Well, in England I think I'll remember all of the sheep. And since it's springtime, there were lots and lots of baby sheep. So cute.

On Tuesday night, we were in Durham. It was one of those nights that was pretty quiet, but really awesome. Once we got checked into Durham Castle (yes, I slept in a legitimate castle) most of the group went across the way to Durham Cathedral for evensong. I had never been to evensong before, and it was just a really cool experience to be in a gorgeous cathedral (probably in my top 5 favorites) and to hear the choir and everything. After evensong, we all split up for dinner, but probably 20 people ended up at Nando's. I LOVE Nando's (we went again last night and talked for about 15 minutes about how much we love Nando's). I ate with Laura M, Mary, and Karalyn, and we stayed for about three hours just talking. Oh yeah, and then we walked back to the Castle. No big.

The next day, Wednesday, we went to Hadrian's Wall. Basically, it was freezing cold, really windy, snowy, slippery, etc. etc. etc. I felt genuinely accomplished when I made it up to the wall and back down without falling. My feet were cold and soggy for the rest of the day, though. But for some reason, I really liked it. It was like climbing Mt. Everest (ok, not really at all...but still). I made Michelle let me hold onto her and I accidentally pulled her and almost made her fall. My bad.

on top of the wall.

after I made Michelle slip. oops.

We spent Wednesday night in the Lake District, or Hawkshead. On Thursday morning, we walked up to Hilltop Farm, where Beatrix Potter lived (Peter Rabbit, Jemima Paddle Duck...). I loved the walk up there, as did everyone. It was just plain pretty.


Later that day, we were able to stop at the Preston Temple and walk around the grounds for about an hour.


Our last city stop was Liverpool. We got in on Thursday night, and I went with Mary, Laura M, Michelle, Jake, Brittany, and Kira to get tacos and then we went to see The Bounty Hunter. We got Ben and Jerry's before the movie, and I am proud to say that I have a favorite ice cream flavor: Baked Alaska. Try it sometime.

The next morning we went to the Beatles Museum. It was fabulous. I really can't say more than that. Beatles...Liverpool...sigh.


We left about 10 or so students in Liverpool (they were going to Ireland and Scotland for the weekend) so the coach ride home was pretty quiet.

This morning I went to Portobello Road Market with Karalyn, Brittany, and Kira. I'm going to miss stuff like that.

2 weeks until Rome!


The Terminologist said...

Baby sheep - for the farm terminology challenged, they're called "lambs". :-)

Donna said...

Life is going to seem so ordinary after all your adventures. It doesn't seem like a trip to Ogden or University Mall will be blogged about with the same enthusiasm.

Abby said...

I'm glad you go to Nandos

Amber Whiteley said...

The temple looks beautiful there!